The Case for the iPad

The Apple iPad is here. It’s been all over the news and it’s no big surprise now to anyone. We will be doing iPad apps for both our own apps and also for clients. You can choose from 3 different types now: iPhone only, iPad only, or “Universal” as Apple calls it, which works on both iPhone and iPad.

There’s been a lot of criticism about the iPad. Both good and bad. As with all things, nothing is perfect and there will always be that one thing that can tip a consumer either direction. As for Fresh Blocks? We’re actually very excited about it. So much so, that one of the iPhone apps we have been working on, makes much more sense now that we can do an iPad version of it.

Lack of Flash

Yes, the iPhone OS does not support Adobe Flash. No mystery there. It never has, I’m not sure if it ever will. Adobe has publicly made their case for the lack of Flash on the iPad following Apple’s announcement. You can read about it over here.

What the lack of Flash means right now, is that you cannot watch Hulu, some other video sites and also not play Flash-based games on the iPad. That’s pretty much it. It doesn’t mean much more than that. I just don’t see Flash getting into the core iPhone OS. If it does, Apple will also have to try to cater to Microsoft and allow Silverlight to get in as well. You can’t just let one in and not the other right?

Now, there are alternatives, HTML5 video and h264 is already supported on the iPhone and Youtube has recently created a non-Flash version of their site. Adobe may be fighting the wrong fight. They may just be trying to push their install-base further into every device possible, but as Jeffrey Zeldman put’s it:

Apple’s decision to omit Flash from the iPad isn’t about revenge, it’s about delivering a stable platform. And with HTML5 here, the tea leaves are easy to read. Developers who supplement Flash with HTML5 may soon tire of Flash—but Adobe has a brief but golden opportunity to create the tools with which rich HTML5 content is created. Let’s see if they figure that out.

Here’s hoping they figure it out sooner rather than later. As for the sites like Hulu? It’s really on them to decide how to proceed. Zeldman and other Web Standards would suggest going the Web Standards route of HTML5 video and it’s definitely a viable solution. It’s a standard and Flash isn’t. Flash is a plug-in. We mustn’t forget that.

The Portrait View

It seems appropriate to note that the resolution of the iPad is 1024×768. A dear old friendly resolution that yield things like the 960 Grid System. However, it seems as if the iPad can be read in Landscape view or Portrait view. As the demo showed and can be seen on the iPad’s website there are some websites that have chose to create portrait versions of their site. For example, the New York Times. A portrait view of your site may very well become important in the near future with a maximum width of 768 instead of 1024.


You bet we are. And we’re not the only ones. Former Facebook iPhone app creator Joe Hewitt is as well. Apple seems to think there’s a middle ground between the smart-phone and notebook market. From what we’ve seen, there’s definitely a market for it. It’s not for the power users who want to run multiple applications at the same time and quickly jump around or for those who need power applications like Photoshop. But for those who just need to write a quick email or find map directions, the iPad definitely has a place. All in all, we can’t wait for it and are already cranking away on getting our iPad apps ready for sale when it comes out.

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